Railroad Car Repair & Reconditioning by Hill Railroad
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We're Ready to Service Your Rolling Stock at One of Our Two Facilities

Hill Railroad Car Company is located in New Castle, PA approximately 50 miles north of Pittsburgh at SPLC # 216 433.

The Gateway Car Shop is located in Struthers, Ohio just outside of Youngstown, Ohio at SPLC #344315.

If you need further information, please contact:

James R. Hill – General Manager
E-mail: jhill@hill-railroad-car.com
E-mail: jhill@the-gateway-carshop.com
Mobile: (724) 333-6297

Matthew R. Hill – VP, Engineering
E-mail: mhill@hill-railroad-car.com
E-mail: mhill@the-gateway-carshop.com
Mobile: (724) 333-6296

Railroad Car Repair & Reconditioning by Hill Railroad

Hill Railroad Car Company
The Gateway Car Shop
201 Power Street
New Castle, PA 16102
Tel.: (724) 654-8257
Fax: (724) 652-0554

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